What To Do

When you make a booking at our forest hotel, there are a host of signature experiences waiting to be explored by you. All the activities in the forest are conducted by a government recognised agency. One of the popular movements that many tourists are visiting us undertake is the jungle safari. These safaris are led by expert naturalists and start early in the morning after the sunrise. Through the safari ride, one gets to explore the beauty of the jungle and also experience the thrill of tiger tracking. There are special vehicles designed for these safaris with a theatre style seating. The trip starts early in the morning and ends a couple of hours before the sunset. The safari could be an unforgettable experience for your trip.

Apart from the safaris, there are nature trails also organised for the tourists. The idea is to have a leisurely nature walk and get a close encounter with the smaller creatures. While you take a turn in the forest experience the humming and chirping of birds, the beauty of butterflies and the mesmerising view of wildflowers. Animals like deer, monkeys, rabbits and squirrels can be seen when you take a walk down the forests. These nature trails are undertaken by specialists who have a good understanding of flora and fauna.

Another favourite activity that one can experience while visiting the hotel is stargazing. Since our hotel is located in a pristine jungle environment, you get the perfect view of starry skies. After suffering the exciting jungle safari and nature trails, this could be the ideal end to your day. Gazing at the stars filled night sky is quite a relaxing activity. While looking at the stars in the night sky, you also get to listen to some interesting trivia and stories about the jungle from our naturalists. Make a booking at the earliest for a fun-filled and luxurious holiday.